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User Panel

Data Privacy and Processing

Posted: 14 October 2019 — Last updated: 14 October 2019

This page describes in detail how itslearning processes personal data when you register for our user panel. For information about other ways itslearning processes personal data, go to the start page of our privacy policy.


Why we process personal data

We process your personal data so we can get in contact with the right users that can inspire new ideas and test our solutions. This helps us improve our product for the benefit of our users and customers.

You can sign up to be available for our research projects by submitting the form. This helps identify the right users for a project and allows us to reach out to you.

We process your personal data based on consent.


How we collect the data

We collect personal data from you when you sign up to be available for research projects by submitting the form.

We may send you an additional form with questions relevant to a specific study to identify the right candidates.

Any user can register to be available for research projects, even if they are not affiliated with itslearning or any of our customers.


What type of data we collect

We collect the following personal data:

  • Contact details: Name, Email
  • Organisation: School/district, Type of school
  • Usage: Tools used in itslearning
  • Habits/Opinions: We may ask you about your habits or opinions related to a specific study


Who can access your personal data

If you sign up to be available for research projects, only those working for itslearning who do research on the user experience will access the data collected.


How long do we keep your data?

We will keep your data up to 3 years. It will thereafter be deleted or anonymised.

If at any times you wish to have your data removed sooner email with the subject line “Remove data”.


3rd Parties Involved

Your data will be processed in our internal system using Office 365 and within the EU/EEA. We have data processing agreements with our providers to safeguard your data.

Our data processors are not allowed to process your personal information independently, they cannot use or share your personal data with anyone else.