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LMS Features

itslearning offers a broad range of functionality and is built to work with your needs in mind, so that technology can complement great teaching. One of the greatest assets of our platform is that you have full access, from basic to advanced LMS features, from Day 1.
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Communication is key to connecting students and educators. Our LMS makes this easy.
itslearning offers multiple ways of sending messages so communication can take place efficiently and in real-time.
Automated notifications alert the user to important developments and events, e.g. when a assignment has been assessed.
News and announcements, scheduled or real-time, can be quickly broadcast to groups of users.
Mass Messaging
Send instant messages in a text blast to large groups of people (everyone in a hierarchy, school or district).


Co-operate with one another within the LMS for improved teaching and learning outcomes.
Live online classes are a breeze on itslearning. Connect via various ways including Microsoft Teams and Zoom.
Group Assignments
Set collaborative assignments in Google and Microsoft documents from within itslearning.
A space where students and/or educators can invite participants to work together, such as in study groups or clubs.
Collaborate with other teachers and share resources across your organisation as well as the global itslearning community.

Mobile Learning

Cloud based LMS accessible anywhere, anytime and on any device.
Mobile App
Works on all major mobile platforms so you can teach on the go and keep in touch with students.
Web-based SaaS
Works on all devices, operating systems and all modern browsers.
Cloud Based
99.98% availability, hosted in a safe and secure environment with full technical support.

LMS Resources & Activities

Multimedia tools for an immersive, interactive learning experience.
File Upload
A wide variety of learning resources can be added to a course from desktop folders, Google Drive, Dropbox or O365.
Upload and play AV files from popular external sites. Video/Audio can be recorded directly into the platform.
Cloud Integration
Use Google and Microsoft Office 365 apps to build, assign (make a copy for each student in one click) and grade within itslearning.
Interactive Resources
Discussions, surveys, assignments, tests, quizzes and 3rd party content link directly in itslearning.


Respond to tasks, assessments and quizzes through a central platform, complete with self and peer-assessment.
Enables tasks to be set, copies to be created for each student, completed, graded and returned online.
Set, monitor and assess offline tasks and practical activities.
Self-marking tests and quizzes with a wide variety of question formats.
Online Annotation
Student work can be viewed and annotated directly in the document without the need to download or upload.
Learning Objectives
Assign standards/learning objectives and rubrics to resources, activities, plans, assignments and assessments in-line with the curriculum.
An online gradebook that automatically records all assessments. Exports to Excel for import to other student information systems.

Reflection & Development

Delivering personalised learning to meet individual student needs.
Each student and teacher has their own blog for reflection, keeping a learning journal and sharing.
Course-based and personal portfolios can be created by students and teachers to share work.
Learning Plans
Mentors can work with students or teachers to set and monitor learning and professional development goals.
Student 360° Report
Engage students to take charge of their learning and see how they are progressing in their courses.

Reporting & Insight

A holistic overview of student learning with data sent directly to your reports generator and student information systems.
Course Level Reports
A range of reports enabling teachers to monitor student progress and trends.
Admin Reports
Standard reporting tools to monitor site logins, course visits and storage use.
Advanced Reports
Cross-site reports help monitor standards alignment, course content, and use and engagement.
Custom Reports
Optional customised report templates, as well as access to the itslearning data warehouse via API.


Reusable and shared planning tools for keeping across multiple classes.
Aggregated view of all relevant course calendars that can be combined with your personal calendar. Enables resource booking and displays relevant Course Plans.
Plans are a great way for teachers to prepare a course roadmap, scope and sequence, and it can be customized, shared and reused across your organization.
Allocate and book appointments with different resources. Manage mentor sessions, group work, parent consultations etc.

Additional Services

With itslearning, we always give you more.
Single Sign On
Using your school account, once logged in to your local network, you can get seamless access to the Learning Platform and other apps.
Plagiarism Tool
Optional integrated plagiarism checker reports on potentially copied content in work that a student submits.
Test Mode Browser
Locks down the student’s computer when taking a test. Prevents any other application from being opened until the test has been completed.
Bring students and courses in automatically by integrating with your Student Information System (SIS)
Parent Dashboard
Engage with your child’s learning through the Parent Dashboard. Homework, course plans, grades and teacher feedback all in one place.
the guide to a leading learning platform

The guide to a leading learning platform

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