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Higher Education

Our Learning Management System helps lecturers create customised courses to improve teaching and learning in Higher Education.


The available solutions offer educators the opportunity to customise each course in a more engaging and adaptable way.


Teachers can share, collaborate reuse, and work together to improve courses and learning paths.


Understand and monitor the level of engagement in the classes with ease, as well as the students' performances.

Intuitive and easy to learn

An introduction to how itslearning is used in higher education all over the world.

Why universities prefer itslearning

"itslearning and Stockholm University have established a close collaboration in the technical, product, project management and support aspects of the implementation across our faculties and departments."
Stina HaasseProject Manager, Stockholm University, Sweden
“Not surprising to us, itslearning allows for many diverse kinds of student input and it provides great opportunities for student-teacher interaction. It’s also very intuitive when designing courses.”
Sara KvistSpecialist Consultant, University of Southern Denmark (SDU)
“When we chose itslearning, our goal was to find an LMS that provided a hub for users to find what they need, a unified look & feel, and seamless integration with other learning tools. itslearning is the beginning and end of the learning journey at KP.”
Lasse Højer-PedersenIT Project Leader, University College Copenhagen (KP)

Connecting Education and Innovation

Learning analytics

Use data in your LMS to evaluate and improve curriculum, predict student dropouts, and more.


With LTIs you can easily connect to 3rd party tools for universities such as MS Teams and Google apps.

Stay updated

EdTech moves fast. Let our team guide you with expertise in learning technology for Higher Education.

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Discover the full potential of itslearning and unlock a world of incredible tools within our innovative learning platform, giving teachers the valuable gift of more time to focus on teaching.