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Proud to serve, we provide extensive support across Europe, ensuring excellence and assistance tailored to diverse needs.
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itslearning AS

Edvard Griegs vei 1,
Bergen, 5059

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itslearning Netherlands

Boreelplein 40,
7411 EH Deventer

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itslearning GmbH

Erich-Steinfurth-Str. 6,
10243, Berlin​

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itslearning AB

Djäknegatan 4,
211 35 Malmö

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itslearning Denmark

Ryesgade 3A,
2200 København N

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itslearning Finland

Porkkalankatu 20 A,
00180 Helsinki,

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itslearning France

32 rue de Paradis,
75010 Paris,

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itslearning UK

The Leeming Building
Ludgate Hill, Leeds

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Your questions answered...

What is itslearning? itslearning is a cloud based online learning management system designed for teaching and learning. itslearning can be used in all education settings to facilitate online teaching, learning, and course management. It serves as a digital platform that educators, students, and administrators can use to create, deliver, and manage educational content and activities. We are Nordic in spirit and by design. Our focus is to deliver an intuitive Learning Management System, empowering educators and students. 

Our platform helps you plan for successful learning. It's easy to create lessons and resources that engage students, and to streamline common teaching tasks - allowing more time to teach. Teachers get actionable insights about student progress to help better personalise instruction. The result: delighted teachers, happy students, and improved learning. 

Based in Bergen, Norway, we serve millions of people around the world.
How much does itslearning cost? Price and value are key considerations when looking to implement a learning management system because you, of course, want to be certain that you have made the right decision and investment without compromising quality.

Our LMS pricing model is always based on your requirements, such as number of licences and any additional services or integrations you might require for your customised set-up. Additional services include extra storage space/unlimited storage, special add-on features such as advanced reporting, plagiarism checker etc, as well as training and support.

Once you have determined these services you just pay a yearly licence fee based on the number of users. We also guarantee a market leading uptime. There will never be any hidden costs, and we only charge an initial LMS implementation fee if you need our help to get started.

To get a quote based on your requirements please complete this form 
What features are included?

itslearning offers a broad range of functionality and is built to work with your needs in mind, so that technology can complement great teaching. From the very first day, our platform grants you complete access to a wide range of LMS features, from the fundamental to the cutting-edge. This remarkable attribute sets us apart and ensures that our technology seamlessly enhances exceptional teaching practices.

For more information visit our features page.

What integrations do you offer?

You can connect itslearning to your preferred Student Information System and other critical applications. All itslearning LMS integrations are done on a case-by-case basis and we work closely with you to develop and execute an integration plan that ensures the best possible process for you.

Check out our list of standard integrations 

What kind of customer support and training is provided? We believe strongly in a partnership model that empowers your school or organisation. We work hand in hand with you to Implement and deploy itslearning using our PER (Plan, Execute, Review) protocol so that the learning platform works the way you want and need your LMS to. Once your system is in place, we make sure to provide ongoing instructional and technical training as well as pedagogic consultancy to help you build all-round internal competencies and capacity.
Is there content built into itslearning?

itslearning does not include preloaded educational content such as textbooks, videos, or course materials. Instead, our platform empowers educators to upload and efficiently organise their own educational materials or seamlessly connect to external resources.

Additionally, we offer integrations with third-party content providers and publishers, enabling educators to easily access and integrate external content directly into their courses.  

Check out our list of standard integrations

Furthermore, itslearning simplifies the management of your educational resources by centralising them within the itslearning content library, ensuring all your materials are readily accessible. We support various industry standards, including Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI), common cartridge, and thin common cartridges, to enhance compatibility and streamline content delivery.

Is my data secure and do you comply with GDPR?

At itslearning we believe that technology can vastly improve education. Part of this mission also means that we are committed custodians to data protection. We fully comply with the GDPR requirements for all of our services. itslearning has been committed to data privacy since it was founded in 1999 and welcomes the new regulation. We will keep doing our part to ensure that all our customers are GDPR compliant.

Get more information on how your data is protected 

Is itslearning mobile-friendly? Yes! We’re built in the cloud with 99.99% uptime, so you can access our platform anytime, anywhere and on any device.
Does itslearning have an app?

Yes! Teach on the go, chat directly with your students and fellow teachers, monitor your students progress, keep on track with tasks all from your mobile phone. 

For more information visit our mobile app page 

is itslearning user friendly? Of course! itslearning is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive for both educators and students.
Do you have any customer reviews? Sure! We have million's of users all over the world. Check out some of our customer stories
Can I get an overview of what itslearning LMS offers, so I can share with others in my organisation? Of course, you can take the tour here! We also recommend watching Education Technology's review of itslearning here We can also offer bespoke demonstrations to individuals or to large groups.
Can i get a free trial? Unfortunately, we do not offer free trials. Instead, we can offer you and your colleagues a full demonstration of the platform. Alternatively please check out some of our resources