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Developer Portal

Data Privacy and Processing

Posted: 13 November 2018 — Last updated: 13 November 2018

This page describes in detail how itslearning processes personal data when you register with our developer portal. For information about other ways itslearning processes personal data, go to the start page of our privacy policy.


Why we process personal data

We process personal data on 3rd party developers that get access to our APIs, test environments and to register their apps. We do this to both support our 3rd party developers, and to protect customers and users of itslearning that potentially might be using the 3rd party apps.

We might also process 3rd party developer contact details if we have questions related to the terms and conditions governing the development of 3rd party apps, or to follow up on commercial partnerships we might have with 3rd parties.


How we collect the data

We collect personal data when a 3rd party developer:

  • Requests access to the development program
  • Corresponds with us via email
  • Posts to the available discussion forums
  • When creating, maintaining and testing their 3rd party apps


What type of data we collect

We collect the following personal data from our 3rd party developers:

  • Contact details. Name, email, phone number.
  • Institution and/or organizational affiliation.
  • Requests and correspondence. Including potential target audience for the apps and technology information and questions.


Who can access your personal data

Staff within the itslearning organization with the role as a development portal manager and support and development engineers might have access to personal data you submit to us.

If you choose to publish a 3rd party app in our app library, contact details given when submitting the app (name, email phone number) will be made publicly available in our catalogue of 3rd party apps.


How long do we keep personal data?

If you develop and deploy a 3rd party app to the itslearning developer portal, we will retain your personal data for as long as the extension is active.

Developers with inactive accounts (not logged in for 6 months) and no active 3rd party apps will be deleted.
Personal data on rejected applicants for the developer program will be deleted within 6 months.

Individual accounts will be deleted upon request from the data subject, as long as they are not the owner of an active 3rd party app. If the app shall continue to exist, they will have to transfer ownership to another account, or close down the extension.


3rd Parties involved

Personal data related to 3rd party developer accounts are stored on our own software – itslearning. Read more about how we secure our platform.