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Access comprehensive insights with our range of reporting tools. Monitor and evaluate student progress, and access valuable data for informed decision-making and improved educational outcomes.  
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Data at your fingertips

Access comprehensive insights 

Stay on track

Monitor and evaluate student progress 

Easier decision-making

Make informed and data based decisions

Data at your fingertips

Gain valuable insights from our suite of standard reports that is automatically included in your itslearning account. These reports provide a good data overview of instruction at your institution. Find them in the Status and Follow-up tab.


Instant overview of students

Keep track of student learning by using the Progress Report for a snapshot of how well your students are progressing in a course or group. Use the messaging function in the report window to check in on students.

Helpful hints for students

The Assessment Reports gives students input on the status and results of their activities. This can help older students gain ownership of their learning. They can also see comments from educators for each individual assignment.


Advanced Reporting

Specifically built for administrators who want to delve deeper into their organization’s data. The Advanced Login Report provides information on activity among students, teachers, administrators and system administrators, as well as across courses, faculty and subjects.

Choose between ‘Ready-to-Go’ Reports or Customized Reports to get data that helps you assess instruction and learning for improved outcomes at your institution.

Download our eBook to see a full list of reports and more information about Advanced Reporting.

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