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The learning platform designed for teaching

itslearning is easy to use, saves time and works in all levels of education.



Simple to set up and use. Our LMS automates your routine tasks, so you can focus on teaching.


From plans to assignments and reports. All you need, connected seamlessly in one LMS platform.


Connect with your students. Keep them engaged with positive feedback and personalised education.

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16-18 april 2024

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Together we help you elevate learning


Partnering with top tech experts, we seamlessly integrate their learning tools into itslearning. Enjoy hundreds of integrations with just one login.


Empowering educators to create engaging learning environments. Trust us as your education partner, standing by your side every step of the way.

Privacy Commitment

With advanced security measures, we are comitted to protecting your valuable information, providing you with peace of mind.


itslearning Plans

A teacher once told us, ‘if itslearning is at the heart of education, Plans is at the heart of itslearning.’ Why does she love Plans so much? Because it gives her students structure and sequence, so they always know exactly what they need to do and when.

What do teachers say about itslearning?

Isto HakalaPedagogical Development Supervisor (KPEDU)

"There was some resistance from teachers because of their poor experience with our previous LMS. But now, the teachers who we struggled hardest to convince, have become the best advocates for the use of itslearning."

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Isabelle MarxDeputy Director, Collège Sainte-Véronique, Belgium

"We switched to itslearning because it ticked all the boxes for us from communication, immediate feedback to students, personalised learning, collaboration and so much more."

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André SonnenburgPrincipal, Oberschule Habenhausen, Germany

The Dynamic Curriculum lets us plan lessons in a timely and modern way. It puts all the essential elements at a teacher’s fingertips.

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