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itslearning is a full-service LMS that is committed to your success. We offer a cloud-based platform with hundreds of integrations, accessible from anywhere on any device. Most importantly, we work closely with teachers to understand their needs. When using itslearning, teachers can:

  • access the Planner to help them structure classes
  • the Test Tool to evaluate student learning
  • the ePortfolio where students can compile their best work
  • the Assignment tool with plagiarism control
  • a customized library
  • the Calendar
  • 360 reports
  • ePortfolio and much more


From a local startup in Bergen, Norway, we have grown into a large international company, but our mission has never changed – to improve education through technology.


We have dedicated staff to provide a seamless transfer of data from your previous LMS. We’ll help determine the scope and plan for data, content and course migration, and customize a solution to meet your needs.


Data protection is extremely important to us. We are GDPR compliant and certified according to one of the most widely recognized international standards for information security: ISO27001. What this means to customers is that we continously improve technical and organizational measures to ensure the security of your data.


With teams of experts allocated in every nordic market, we make sure to involve the users in the development process ensuring they have available the right tools.

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GDPR is in our DNA

Learn how itslearning makes it easier for education providers to be GDPR compliant. So you can rest assured that your data is secure, and service is reliable

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Implementing an LMS doesn't have to be daunting

Let implementation experts from two Danish universities show you how to successfully implement a learning management system (LMS).

itslearning features in focus...


The New Planner in itslearning

Designed to be simple and appealing, the new planner is a great way to stay organised.​

Our planner is a useful tool, for both educators and students, allowing them  to keep track of plans, tasks, and how students progress in their learning. 

Learn about the planner updates ›


Microsoft Teams Integration

The new itslearning and Microsoft Teams integration allows teachers and students to quickly see any current plans, tasks, latest changes and events in their courses without leaving the MS Teams app. See how easy it is to create Teams groups, add participants, and share content from itslearning to MS Teams and the other way around.

More about the MS Teams Integration ›

The Test Tool

Improve student engagement with the itslearning Test Tool. Keep track of learner development through formative assessment. Discover best practices for testing with a learning platform. 

What our customer are saying...

"SDU uses itslearning plans and the calendar. When teachers add dates to a course in a plan, it appears in the students’ calendars automatically. Teachers agree that it’s very intuitive and makes their lives easier." Sara Kvist - University of South Denmark
“I have discovered the Planner and that is what has made my teaching so much easier. Since the Planner allows me to make high-quality plans and still save time" Kristin Ansnes Ravndal - Bergen, Norway
"The student planner—one of my personal favorite parts of itslearning—allows students, parents, teachers, administrators and counselors to constantly see what is going on academically in the life of a student. Organization is one of the skills that students have a hard time mastering, yet itslearning makes it easy for them." Carla Youmans, Digital Learning Consultant
“After a meticulous process - testing several major Learning Management Systems in the higher education market - we found itslearning to be the best platform when it comes to providing functionality and solutions that meet our needs.” Commander of the Norwegian Armed Forces - an itslearning customer for the past 11 years
"We are very pleased to extend the itslearning contract. It is good news for everyone at school that a system that has been in use since last Summer and has been highly praised by users has been awarded the contract." Karin Prien, Minister of Education, Science and Culture in Schleswig-Holstein.
“When we chose itslearning, our goal was to find an LMS that provided a hub for users to find what they need, a unified look & feel, and seamless integration with other learning tools. itslearning is the beginning and end of the learning journey at KP.” Lasse Højer-Pedersen, IT Project Leader, University College Copenhagen (KP)
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Discover the
power of surveys!

Learn how the new survey tool can enhance data collection and analysis in education.

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ChatGPT and AI in Education

Learn how Artificial Intelligence (AI) and chatbots can impact and enhance education.

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6 ideas to calculate the ROI in LMS

Discover six ideas to assist you in calculating the ROI of your institution's LMS. These simple and effective ways can let you easily analyse its performance and make data-driven decisions to ensure continuous improvement.

Education and technology to meet the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development

The UN's "2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development" outlines a blueprint for peace and prosperity for people and the planet. itslearning and other partners are helping the UN and the globe meet the 2030 target.

Delegation from the Tanzanian educational sector visiting Nordic institutions to discover best-practice in education technology

The purpose of this visit is for the representatives to learn from the Nordic educational system and from best practice in implementing educational technology. 

The tools that boost LMS functionality

Use your LMS to identify learning gaps, create lessons, and deliver organized content and courses. You can also assess student performance data while monitoring their progress in real-time. 

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Vision of Lifelong Learning in the Nordics

Learn what our experts are discussing about the current scenario of lifelong learning in the Universities and what is the importance of continued education for students and how can LMS assist with this

Allow both REST and SOAP based APIs for LMS tenders

Discover the philosophy behind the design of itslearning APIs. Read best practices for specifying REST and SOAP-based APIs and integrations in LMS tenders.

GDPR and data security  - Key tips for educational institutions

Remote learning requires extra care with confidentiality, data integrity, and personal data. How can your school protect data? John Arthur Berg, Privacy Champion at itslearning, shares data security recommendations.

Watch on demand ›
More about GDPR and security ›
Learn more about out ISO 27001 certification › 


Accessibility requirements in LMS tenders

Find out how itslearning complies with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) and read best practices for LMS tender requirements in higher education.

Blended Learning Best Practices

 Combine face-to-face and online learning for the best student outcomes. With the right tools, training, resources, and LMS partner you can boost student engagement and support lecturers and students. See what education experts are saying about planning for a blended learning program.

Smooth Implementation & Migration

Hear lessons learned during the successful implementation of itslearning at University College Copenhagen (KP).

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More cases about migration ›

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