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MS Teams Integration

The new integration between itslearning and MS Teams combines the best of both worlds in one interface. If you are an MS Teams user, make the most out of our tools with the convenience of MS Teams communication.

One interface to manage both platforms

Optimize your time

Course overview on   MS Teams

Bring itslearning to current Teams 

The itslearning & MS Teams Integration will enhance your teaching experience

Now, you can take advantage of this new integration and optimize your work.

This new feature allows you to create an MS Team for each active itslearning course. Also, for each created MS Team, a tab with the course overview page is added and allows teachers and students to quickly see any current plans, tasks, latest changes or events from that course.

Going one step further, this new functionality provides easy navigation to the itslearning platform from MS Teams and connects itslearning courses to an existing Team.

The Course overview tab gives students an overview of what is currently relevant for the course and they can quickly follow up from there. We will create a Team for each course and add the relevant participants. If you want to bring itslearning into an existing Team, that is also possible.

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It is easy to take advantage of this integration. 


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