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CHAT GPT & AI in education

Learn how Artificial Intelligence (AI) and chatbots can impact and enhance education.


Hear from our experts on approaches for the impact of AI and ChatGPT in education.

John Arthur Berg
John Arthur Berg
Head of Strategy at itslearning
Morten Fahlvik
Morten Fahlvik
Pedagogical Expert at Sanoma Learning
Samia Touileb
Samia Touileb
Researcher - Media Technology & Innovation at University of Bergen

Topics of discussion

Look to the future

What skillsets will be expected from educators and students in the future?


Is it possible to check if students are using ChatGPT to answer assignments and if so, can this be avoided?

use productively

How can ChatGPT be used productively by educators and students?

support teaching

How can ChatGPT be used to support teaching and learning?


What are the training issues for educators?


What are the security issues related to ChatGPT?


How can ChatGPT be integrated into a learning environment, and what are the security risks?

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