Brand Guidelines

A guide for everyone who walks and talks the itslearning brand

Welcome to the itslearning brand guidelines! Our brand should be easy to recognize and applied in all the ways we talk to our customers and users.

Consistency is critical to make itslearning stand out and be memorable. Details matter, from the way we talk, how we use our colors and logo, and the font we use in our company emails.

Our brand is what we deliver and the total experience people have when they interact with us.

IMPORTANT: Any production of branded content, co-branding initiatives, use of our logo etc should be pre-approved by the itslearning brand Design Lead. 
We empower teachers and help all students to reach their full potential.

– Our purpose statement –

Our purpose

Our cloud-based learning platform is designed for teachers and how they want to teach. We empower learners by empowering teachers and educators.

By offering the best-in-class learning solution, we enable educators to excel at developing the talents of every student.

Educators are the heroes of our story

We are the guide, helping them to succeed. 


We do our best to really listen to our customers and each other. By doing so people feel valued, and we gain a greater understanding of their needs and concerns. 

It's all about empathy – to see the world through the eyes of our audience and to put ourselves in their shoes. When we understand what matters to teachers and students, we can focus on helping them to overcome their challenges and achieve their goals.


Our brand personality

We communicate in the same way as we deliver:







In our communication

We are easygoing; we simplify and use language that is easy to understand

in all we do; we offer the best solutions and keep everything concise and relevant

We always give value to the recipient

In our product

Simple to set up and use. Our LMS automates your routine tasks, so you can focus on teaching.

From plans to assignments and reports. All you need, connected seamlessly in one LMS platform.

Stay connected with your students and engage them with positive feedback and personalized education.

We are passionate about education. We are knowledgeable, reliable and will always deliver.



Tone of voice

The way a brand speaks is just as important as the way it looks.

We always consider the way we communicate so it reflects our brand personality. We are a friendly advisor who helps our customers to succeed, because we really care about education.
We use straightforward and simple terms and we use a consistent tone of voice in all our communication. If a student can’t understand what we’re trying to say, then it’s not inline with the itslearning voice.
Be straightforward.
Keep it simple.

Our words matter

  • Use second-person pronouns (such as you instead of the customer) and simple phrases to create content that is understandable and relatable to our audience

  • Use positive or neutral words, and phrasing that give the reader a positive emotion. Avoid negative language e.g. can't, don't, won't. Instead of saying: "You can't continue without logging in", say "Please log in to continue".

  • Remember, we’re allowed to be informal and playful where appropriate


itslearning is the leading European learning platform provider for schools and universities. Built for today's way of teaching, itslearning is used by millions of people around the world. We are headquartered in Bergen, Norway, with offices in 8 countries. Since 2019, itslearning has been part of  Sanoma Learning who serve 20 million students across Europe.  

Find us at

Elevator pitch

itslearning is an online learning platform designed for teachers. We are Nordic in spirit and by design. Our focus is to deliver an intuitive learning platform, empowering educators and students.

Our platform helps you plan for successful learning. It's easy to create lessons and resources that engage your students. It streamlines common teaching tasks, allowing more time to teach. It provides actionable insights about student progress to help better personalize instruction.

The result: delighted teachers, happy students, and improved learning.

Learn more at

itslearning. Lowercase, one word.

Sometimes mistakes happen and people will misspell our brand name. Always be friendly and tip them about correct spelling, especially with customers or the media.
Furthermore, we avoid using itslearning in the possessive form. This is to make our brand name stand out in text and limit confusion, as both our company and product share the same name. Instead of itslearning’s development, we say the development of itslearning.

Did you know?

itslearning began as a startup in 1999. The company’s original name was IT Solutions (ITS) because the founders had all studied IT and the business model was to set up software solutions for schools. A learning platform which we called itslearning.


Brand Resources

Please contact the itslearning marketing team if you have any specific requests for itslearning resources or if you are having trouble finding something. We will do our best to assist you.

The marketing team are on hand and ready to help you with any marketing resources or company assets you require. If you need corporate merchandise e.g. hoodies, pens etc please reach out to us.

The following resources are a few items to assist our staff with communications.

If you can't access these resources please reach out to your itslearning contact. 


How to use our logo...

Our logo loves a bit of fresh air, so we make sure it has ample space to give it the impact it deserves.

Get to know the finer detail ›


at the heart of education

Sanoma endorsement
Used in corporate communications e.g. Press releases, tenders and legal documents


itslearning colors

Primary colors
These colors help consumers to quickly identify itslearning. The orange is a derivative taken from our logo to provide a higher contrast and to meet accessibility guidelines. To keep the look and feel light and refreshing we predominantly use white space and light colored backgrounds. Other brand colors are used to create contrast and help elements stand out.




Accent colors
Accent colors highlight and compliment the primary colors and are used to add emphasis to particular items we wish to highlight.






Background colors
This selection of background colors have been carefully chosen to be easy on the eye and still provide a good contrast when reading content.





Functional colors




Download swatches (.ase files)


itslearning Fonts


Lato is the font we use in our product. It's a san-serif font that's accessible, easy to read, and includes characters we need across the languages we support.


We use Calibri as our fallback font. Calibri is a cross platform system font with the characters we need across the languages we support.

Font Awesome

Font Awesome is a webfont providing an extensive range of vector icons replacing the traditional images.




Our images

The images we use add an alternative level of communication and reinforce how itslearning understands its varied audience.


Illustration, icons & Photography

To break the monotony of photography we often mix things up a little by using icons and illustrations. Complimenting our brand, this mix always supports our messaging and reflects our color palette.



When representing our users and the people in our community through photography, authenticity is essential. We spend time in their space and try to capture moments that represent them and their environment.

Reportage photography, or what's also known as documentary photography, is a photographic style that captures a moment or event in a narrative fashion, i.e., images that tell a story.


Discover more about itslearning

As your educational partner, itslearning can help you plan and implement a dedicated hybrid learning protocol that is a custom fit for all levels of education.