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What will the new school year look like when we return from summer holidays?
Back to normal, new normal or will we create a better normal of hybrid learning?
How will educational technology (EdTech) support this better normal of hybrid learning?

Our panel of experts, teachers and the itslearning team look at hybrid learning approaches for shaping the future of education.

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itslearning Blog

Product update: new messaging system

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itslearning Blog

Product update: new messaging system

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Prof. Sugata Mitra
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Prof. Sugata Mitra

Retired professor Sugata Mitra is a well-know education researcher. He first spoke at an itslearning event in 2017 in Bergen, and with so much having changed in the field of education since then, we invited him back to talk about the future of learning, what we have learned from keeping education going in the midst of a pandemic and how we could improve education. A summary of his presentation and tips for teachers is available on our blog page.

Sugata's tips for teachers ›

Video recordings

What's on our Product roadmap for 2021/22

Lars-Jacob Hove
Head of Product,  itslearning

How itslearning supports hybrid learning

Bart van Kimmenade 
Product Owner,  itslearning

The new and improved itslearning Planner

Hanne Lorentzen 
Product Owner,  itslearning

Engaging students with structure and scope

Kristin Ansnes Ravndal 
Teacher, Strand Upper Secondary School, Norway 

Hybrid Learning is the future of Higher Education

Gökay Hamdi Şenel 
Bahçeşehir University, Turkey

Lessons learned from 3 lockdowns and our move to hybrid learning

Joel Smith with Chris Hill, Heather Libreri, Jayne Adamson & Karen Worsfold 
Isle of Man, UK 

Letting learners roam free by supporting diverse learning paths

Sara Kvist & Kirstin Remvig 
University of Southern Denmark 

Implementing itslearning as our teaching and learning hub

Lasse Højer-Pedersen & Nis Kappel Sørensen 
University College Copenhagen (KP)

Using reports to predict and prevent dropouts  

Frøydis Hamre 
Product Owner,  itslearning

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