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What is hybrid learning?

What is hybrid learning? Isn't it the same as blended learning?
The answer to the second question is ‘No’.

The terms ‘hybrid learning’ and ‘blended learning’ are often used interchangeably, but they’re not the same. The hybrid learning  approach greatly reduces ‘seat time’ in a traditional classroom and shifts more of the teaching and course delivery online.

Meanwhile, in blended learning, online materials do not replace face-to-face class time. Think of hybrid learning as the flexible extension of blended learning.  

Our free hybrid learning handbook contains guidelines and tips on how you can implement a hybrid learning protocol suited for your educational needs. 

Hybrid Learning in Practice

In May 2021, we hosted itsConvention, a 3-day, global online event  with education leaders and the itslearning community on hybrid learning and the future of education after Covid-19. We heard from schools and universities from across the globe how they have implemented Hybrid learning within their institutions. We've compiled the recordings on one page so you can catch up on them at your convenience.
As well as hearing from our educators we also invited Prof. Sugata Mitra to talk about the future of learning, what we have learned from keeping education going in the midst of a pandemic and how we could improve education. He is a well-known education theorist and his current work is on the Internet and learning. Read the blog post summarizing his presentation.

Implement a Hybrid Learning protocol

A hybrid learning protocol will ensure the continuation of learning in the event of any disruption to regular classroom learning. Our free guide (available in English, Swedish, Finnish, Dutch, French and German) has handy recommendations based on lessons learned from remote learning in 2020.

What educators say...

"itslearning is the beginning and ending of the learning journey at the University of Copenhagen"

Lasse Højer-Pedersen,
IT project leader

"We have now developed the first hybrid learning education center in Turkey, and use itslearning as the primary delivery platform.”

Gökay Hamdi Şenel,
Educational Technologist, Bahçeşehir University Global Online (BAUGO)

"The itslearning planner provides structure, sequence and scope for my students. I cannot see myself working without it."

Kristin Ansnes Ravndal,
Teacher, Strand Upper Secondary School, Norway

Joel Smith, School Improvement Adviser
The Isle of Man has undergone 3 lockdowns since March 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic, and they think hybrid learning is the future of education.  Read the blog post from their school improvement adviser on why the island is endorsing hybrid learning.

Align hybrid learning policy with your LMS

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A carefully planned and communicated procedure paired with local directives (in times of emergency such as a pandemic) will make your hybrid learning protocol much smoother to execute.  With course materials that can easily be aligned to learning objectives, robust tools for communication and collaboration, and the freedom of mobility, itslearning simplifies the hybrid learning process from initial planning to implementation.

In this video, Product Owner Bart van Kimmenade talks you through the various tools and features in the itslearning LMS that support hybrid learning. This is based on usage data from more than a year of remote learning.

Get the Hybrid Learning Handbook

Available in English, Swedish, Finnish, Dutch, French and German

Find out more about itslearning

As your educational partner, itslearning can help you plan and implement a dedicated hybrid learning protocol that is a custom fit for all levels of education. To get a closer look at itslearning, ask us for a demo.

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