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itslearning Feb 25, 2020< 1 min read

Munich International School

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Munich International School is a private K-12 school located in Starnberg, Germany. It was founded in 1966 and today it offers all three programmes of the International Baccalaureate Organisation, providing an international learning environment for its students.

In search of a SaaS-based learning platform, Munich International School migrated from Moodle to itslearning. The implementation of itslearning took off fast, becoming a business-critical system for their education programs. Today, itslearning is fully adopted in MIS due to its ease of use.


“We started with a pilot of 12 teachers in itslearning at the start of the school year. itslearning has been growing so well, almost naturally. After one or two hours, even unexperienced teachers had a course running.”​

David Pritchard, Director of Instructional Technology
Munich International School, Norway​


7 steps to take before choosing a learning platform

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year founded

65 nationalities
among students

Over 1,200

Since 2012
using itslearning