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Give your students structure, sequence and scope with the itslearning Planner

Get to know itslearning and how to utilise the Planner tool to ensure that all aspects of planning are taken care of, so lecturers can focus on teaching and students can focus on learning. Save time with reusable plans, and provide students with access to necessary information on all devices.


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What to expect

The new Planner has been developed with the student in mind- it's easy to use, visually engaging and empower students in their learning. 

Sequencing learning provides a learning journey where each small step allows the student to be successful in a continuous way, leading to a feeling of self-efficacy and achievement. The Planner can help you set this up for your courses,  and will in the future also facilitate asynchronous learning, allowing the students to learn at their own schedule. 

This online demonstration will be a deep dive into the new planner and how it can be used for learning sequencing and scope. Product owner Hanne Lorentzen will together with UX Designer Andreas Fluge Iden give an overview of the Planner tool and its features, and show you how it will help both students and teachers to stay on top of the course progress.

This webinar is best suited for educators as well as IT and pedagogical leaders who are implementing an eLearning solution for their university. 

Practical Information


Hanne Lorentzen
Product Owner, itslearning

Hanne Lorentzen has worked as a product owner in itslearning for 4 years. She comes from a pedagogical background and has been responsible for several projects in itslearning like the itslearning homepage and students' task list.

How to join
On a PC/Mac, smartphone or tablet using headphones or speakers.

Discover itslearning and the possibilities for all levels of education.

From a virtual meeting room via the GoToWebinar platform.


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